WordPress Migrations Terms of Service

Turnaround Time

Our realistic turnaround time guarantee for a fully completed and tested WP migration to your account is 48 hours from the date and time we send you a confirmatory e-mail stating that the migration has started. We can only begin the process after (1) you provide us with all of the login information requested in the “Request For Credentials” (RFC) e-mail, and (2) we verify that the credentials allow us to access your old current accounts.

The quoted turnaround time is dependent on your active participation and timely replies to our emails. We ask that you reply to any of our e-mails within 12 hours to take advantage of our turnaround time guarantee. If we don’t receive a reply from you within 12 hours, then the migration process is “paused” and the quoted turnaround time is no longer applicable (even though we’ll still do our best to complete the process as soon as possible!)

Customer Data and Disk Usage

The storage on Netstreet Telecom web servers is designed specifically for hosting sites — it is not efficient as a backup or storage solution. Please ensure that the data we migrate meets these requirements, and remove all backup files before providing us with your credentials. We filter some backup files if we can identify them, but we may not exclude all of them (it is usually enough to just move the files one or more levels up in the directory structure on your current host, allowing us to identify and exclude them).

Please note that Netstreet Telecom’s Acceptable Use Policy and Unlimited Policy will apply to any and all migrations to NetPress or other Netstreet Telecom services.

Mobile Site

We can only guarantee the migration of the desktop version of your site. The good news is that the mobile version will usually keep running. If the mobile site isn’t working, please let us know and we’ll offer troubleshooting tips to help address the problem.

More Than WordPress?

While this service only covers WordPress migrations, we can migrate other types of files over to Netstreet Telecom, too. If you have special plans in mind that may include other applications, feel free to reach out to our Support (email/twitter) and we’ll probably be able to help!

Technical Requirements

  1. We strongly prefer that your current WordPress site stays live until the migration process is complete on our end. This ensures that your old site can be accurately compared to the new one before we finish the process! If we’re unable to compare the two, we may not be able to notice and/or address errors that already exist.
  2. If your WordPress version is older than WP 3.7, it must be upgraded to at least that version at your old host so critical security issues are handled first.
  3. If you have HTTPS enabled on your site, Netstreet Telecom can only guarantee getting the HTTP option running. Once you’re set up, we can then guide you through enabling HTTPS for your domain.
  4. If you suspect that your site is hacked, please ensure that any and all issues are cleared up (and cleaned up!) through your current host. If we begin your migration process and find any hacked files, we may stop the process and notify you of the interruptions. This will also affect your turnaround time.
  5. We can’t guarantee a 100%, fully functional migration if you choose to manually provide data or files instead of allowing us to utilize a live WordPress site.


The migration service only covers the contents of the site. Any emails you want to keep must be handled separately by you. DO NOT change your email DNS to route emails to Netstreet Telecom servers (if that is even your preference) until the migration is complete and approved in writing. Reach out to Support for more help.

Refund Policy

The one-time charge for WordPress migrations is refundable in certain situations. You’re eligible for a refund if our team, due to our own internal delays, takes longer than the quoted time period to complete the migration. We’ll also refund the charge if you cancel before we’ve sent out the confirmatory email indicating the start of the migration process.

Be warned, though! The following situations will cause you to forfeit your right to a refund:

  1. Failing to respond to our information requests and emails for more than 12 hours if we’ve already started the migration process
  2. Interference with the migration process, or taking over the migration process yourself
  3. Asking us to cancel the migration process after we’ve sent you the confirmatory email that signals the start of the migration process
  4. A hacked site requiring us to pause and clean up before proceeding

No Guarantee

While we’ll strive to do our best during the migration, please note that a perfect result is not guaranteed. There may be small issues with the content or structure of your WordPress site, and we aren’t able to address every single inconsistency resulting from the move. This is a process that’s manually performed by our team, and we’ll do our very best to get things working for you!

Applicable Terms

Please note that all of Netstreet Telecom’s terms of service apply to you and your account after a migration.


If we don’t hear back from you 7 days after an information request, we’ll consider the migration as “abandoned” and will cancel it without processing a refund. We may archive your files for up to 30 days (starting from the original, confirmatory email) in order to facilitate future reinstatement of the migration process, but this isn’t guaranteed!


If you decide to cancel the migration process for whatever reason, please let us know so that the Tech Support team can cancel the process and avoid any interference with your plans. Keep in mind that a refund is not available if we’ve already started the process (see Refund Policy above).


We reserve the right to modify or cancel these terms at any time. Please make sure to check this page often! Your continued use of this service after modifications have been made constitutes an acceptance of the updated terms.